Ferguson's Gang members

Artichoke, Erb the Smasher, Bill STickers Kate O'Brien, Sister Agatha, Shot Biddy, Black Mary, Ferguson and Uncle Gregory in newspaper

Ferguson's Gang, The True Story
Bill Stickers
Red Biddy
Sister Agatha
The Bloody Beershop
Kate O'Brien the Nark
Shot Biddy
Who were they?
Over the years newspapers and broadcast journalists speculated as to the identity of Ferguson's Gang.
Until now, no one has disclosed exactly who ALL the members of the Gang were. Apocryphal tales have been told about the identity of the mysterious Ferguson and his cohorts, as well as rumours of money delivered to the Trust, hidden inside a goose. The real stories are just as incredible. 
Ferguson's Gang, the Remarkable Story of the National Trust Gangsters, is the only official book about the Gang. 

There were six main members:

Bill Stickers - Peggy Gladstone. Brilliant at Cambridge, she endured a celibate marriage, but not a sexless life.
Red Biddy - Rachel Pinney. The famous Major-General's daughter was a survivor of incest. She also went to prison for kidnap.
Sister Agatha - Brynnie Granger. Peggy's right-hand woman. She defied convention by having an affair with her married piano teacher.
The Bloody Beershop - Ruth Sherwood. An artist who studied at the Slade, she officiated at the Gang's eccentric rituals and ceremonies.
Kate O'Brien the Nark - Joy Maw. The most level headed Gang member whose loving father became Gang member Silent O'Moyle.
Shot Biddy - Eileen Bertram Moffat. A young widow, Eileen was a fashion designer in the East End of London, she joined the Gang after Rachel Pinney left.


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Kate O'Brien, Shot Biddy, Bill Stickers
Cornwall 1936

Erb the Samsher, Bill Stickers with friends
Isle of Wight

Red Biddy,
Sister Agatha, 
Bill Stickers
Shalford Mill1932

Bloody Beershop, Sister Agatha, Kate O'Brien & Shot Biddy 
Stonehenge 1937